Thursday, November 10, 1977

My future is all planned. I will graduate from High School and work all summer at Cedar Point making enough money for part of my first year at Ohio State. I will go there for four years, studying journalism, and working at Cedar Point in the summer. During college I will take loans to get through plus working at the campus Mac's where I will acquire terrible acne. Graduating from college I will come back to wonderful Sandusky, getting a job for the Register, but with bigger plans for the future. I will end up staying there, however, when I get an ugly girl with no common sense pregnant and have to marry her. She will want to stay in Sandusky where her parents live, who she visits regularly and frequently. I will have my college loans paid off by the time I am thirty so I can buy decent clothes for my children, three boys, two retarded, one constantly in trouble with the law. In my high pressure job for the newspaper, I will go bald, get fat, get an ulcer, become an alcoholic, get hooked on Valiums, sleeping pills.