Thursday, November 24, 1977 – Thanksgiving

Today was Thanksgiving and we visited my Aunt and Uncle Peekock in Loonsville. My aunt is a very good cook and my uncle likes to make and drink drinks. We feasted heavily on turkey, duck and goose, and also had the regular extras of stuffing, potatoes, salads and homemade cranberry sauce. Uncle Peekock mixed gallons of Manhattans, Scarlett O'Haras and Brandy Alexanders. My dad and mother only had one drink each and so my uncle had to drink everything. My aunt got drunk on the Kahlua pie and fell asleep. When we were watching football games, that asinine Schlitz commercial came on and my dad started yelling at the TV. My uncle didn't like the commercial either so, in a drunken rage, he kicked the TV set in.