Monday, October 17, 1977

I want to be a punk rock musician. Here are my plans. I will acquire a cheap solid body electric guitar from Sears. This is so I can smash and mangle it without losing much money. I will buy big gigantic amps and speakers and stuff that blows your goddamn eardrums out. I will also get a few of the craziest fuckers I can find to be in the band with me. At one of our performances I will wear a big Army jacket with the sleeves cut off and no shirt under it. I will wear gym shorts (Union Jack) and long scurvy underwear with holes in the knees. I will just bang on the guitar and yell into the microphone about how I hate every goddamn thing in the world. If any asshole jumps on the stage, I will kick his bloody teeth in and break his neck. I will get rich.