Monday, October 3, 1977

Abstract traveling in my car, which is traveling near or past the speed of light via the anti-matter warp drive engines, is very complex. The car must be traveling forward at any speed and the warp drive engines are switched on and controlled through the under dash computer. There is almost an unnoticeable flash of light outside of the car and then everything seems normal again. You are traveling along at the same speed as the conventional engine controls but what is around you is different. At a speed near the speed of light everything else slows down so much they appear to be frozen. You can drive the car right through people, cars, or buildings. It is impossible to stop the car, however, or you will jump to normal speed. As you pass the speed of light it seems the same, but now everything movies backwards—though you are actually traveling back in time. Traveling faster than twice the speed of light has never been tried, and is considered very dangerous.