Saturday, October 1, 1977

Recently, there have been strange beings trying to attack my house. What they are after I don't know. I think it may be my automobile, a 1966 Volkswagen. They also may be after my priceless artwork or beautiful poems. These creatures come only in the night. I have never seen them clearly, because of darkness. They are only about four feet tall and wear coats with hoods that cover their faces. They never make a sound, and always walk quietly and stay in the shadows. Only once have they been in the house. On a very quiet night, I was having nightmare and woke up. I saw shadows moving outside my bedroom doorway. I quietly grabbed my Wrist Rocket slingshot from my bed-stand and a lead sinker. Then I peeked out from under my covers to see a pale boney hand clutching a long, twisting, silver dagger come slowly around the corner. I waited until the creature was upon me and I let the sinker fly full force. The creature squealed and was down the hallway and gone.