Sunday, September 25, 1977

I have a definite cure for the common cold. When there is a day that I feel that I am getting a bad cold, I wait until it gets to its peak. Then that night I do my ritual or ceremony. I put on my sacred housecoat and a cloth turban and prepare the remedies. When I have the preparations done, I turn all of the lights off and light the candles. Then I chant weird words and drink the first cup down. This consists of Tisa Fruit Cubes, 3 crushed aspirin, one gram vitamin C, honey, hot water, and one more secret ingredient. After downing this I swallow a wine glass of 151 proof Puerto Rican rum. Then I sip a glass of sassafras tea. I put the candles out and go get into a painfully hot bath. I stay in the boiling water until I am sweating and cannot stand it anymore, then I get out and drink a large glass of red wine. After this I retire to bed and sleep well. When I wake up in the morning I feel 100% better.