6/16/79 – Dreams

There were a whole bunch of college age boys in our back yard and we decided to play baseball. I didn't know most of them. The other team was up first and we were in the field. Two guys and me were standing on third base talking but then we spread out. I had the only mitt that was left, a left-hander's first baseman's mitt. If I was able to catch the ball I couldn't throw it. After we had a couple of outs on them and they had a couple of guys on base, we had a questionable play. We got in a big argument and gathered together in the field. Some people were saying, “The hell with this, I'm leaving.” I was about to leave, too. Then about three or four guys came up. They were all tall and thin and wearing grey suits. They all had on those winter hats that cover their whole head except for eye and mouth holes. They also had on wrap-around, very thin, sunglasses. The one said: “We don't want you to argue, we want you to play baseball.” “The other team will be up now and you will play.” And he said some other things I can't remember, but he seemed powerful and dangerous. I, however, didn't want to play, so I snuck in the house. I was worried they might catch me, but I guess no one noticed. I watched them play from the kitchen window.