3/1/80 – Dreams

I was working in a small recording studio in my home. We had a TEAC machine (4-track). I was singing background vocals. We already had the music down, and a girl singer was adding the lead vocals. There was a producer there, sitting in a chair listening and working on a sound board. We were going to do 17 songs. The first one was a disco song, but it was good!

I heard all the guys in Chicago died. First from a plane crash—then they were all shot. Jeff bought one of their albums.

I was in New Orleans. I was filming a movie. I was the camera—and I was an actor in the movie, and I was watching this movie, all at once. I was a black kid riding my bicycle through the streets real fast trying to cross to the other side—the traffic was heavy—then I got on this vacant street and I started riding a wheelie all around, over curbs, and through turns, etc. Then I went past these yellow walls and a black kid was standing there staring at a giant metal screw in the wall painted yellow—and he started singing a song about yellow stuff. I was still riding a wheelie—not to the music—and I came to the end of the street and I saw a lock and a closed gas station and I realized this was Disney World—I saw the Haunted Mansion across the water—I turned around, still doing a wheelie, and started going faster down a straight street and then downhill—I was going really fast and I wiped out and went skidding and tumbling and rolling for a long time. We tried to smash the windows to the houses but it was break-proof glass—it was part of the amusement park.