3/13/79 – Dreams

(later the same night)

I was on a school bus with Dan, and a girl asked us if we knew where Chris Johnson lived. “Hey,” we said, “that's who we're looking for, too.” But Dan didn't know where their new house was so we asked the bus driver and he stopped and pointed to a house. We went up to the house and knocked but no one answered. Dan then tried his key and the door opened. In the living room on the couch was Dan's step-mother. She was half-asleep because she was sick. Dan was glad to see her and asked where Chris was. She said she didn't know but mentioned some neighbor's house. We went to one house and asked if Chris was there. There was this old bitchy lady there who looked like a mummy. She said she didn't know and slammed shut a little door in a cupboard and told us to leave. We went to another house that was really weird. I was like a big airplane hanger, but the ends on the short sides were rounded. Also, it was like a giant screened-in porch. We walked up some stairs and went into the house in a screen-door. The floor was like an artificial track and there was all kinds of playground equipment inside. A middle-aged woman came walking around the outside and asked us what we wanted. We said we were looking for Chris. She said she hadn't seen him and so we were puzzled and thought about it. All of a sudden a vision came to me and Dan at the same time. We saw the bitchy old lady that looked like a mummy closing the cupboard with great haste. Right then we knew she had kidnapped Chris and was keeping him in a cupboard.