3/13/79 – Dreams

First of all I was climbing hand over hand over this, like cable, over a huge chasm that had a lake or large body of water in the bottom. It was very far to the other side and I'm sure that if you fell in it was far enough down to the water to kill you. I was climbing and was very tired and at the other side there was a metal thing to climb up on. You had to reach up from the wire, grab the metal thing and pull yourself up, swing your legs up and climb up to safety. It was very hard and there were these people watching and encouraging and one guy would yell all these stupid instructions. I went back and forth a few times but I don't know why because I was really scared, and it was hard as hell. Finally, I got back to one side again and we started to play football across a bridge across the chasm. Everyone playing was smaller than me and the object of the game was we had two teams and the team that had possession of the ball at the other side won. Everyone kept fumbling the ball and I would get it and give it to a little kid on my team and block for him, but someone would get him and he'd fumble. A couple of times people would almost go off the bridge (there was only one little cable handrail on each side) and a couple of times the ball fell off and we'd watch it fall. It'd take forever to reach the water, about 15 seconds, and then you couldn't hardly see it. This one little punk almost knocked my glasses into the water and I told him if he did I'd throw him in. Finally, I don't know who won, but I was climbing back over again on the cable, and when I reached the other side and pulled myself up, a lens fell out of my glasses and almost went off the chasm wall into the water. But I saved it and just then some guys came buzzing across the top of the wire on skis. One guy was on skis and the other guy was riding on his shoulders. They came over very fast and slid to a stop at the other side. I saw it was a couple of guys I knew. I told them they were crazy.