2/28/79 – Dreams

My family and I went to a big building that was the embassy building of another country in Europe. We had visited here before and knew where we were going and went upstairs to the fourth floor. I noticed something was funny, there were TV cameras all over the place. When we got to the top we were informed that the country had been taken over by communists and we were prisoners. We sat on the floor and weren't allowed to leave, and we were watched by a TV camera that would move to follow our actions. There was no one else around and only the camera was watching, so after a while my mom, dad, and brother decided to leave. I said, “Don't go, the camera is watching you!” but they left down the stairs, but I stayed and blocked off the camera. Finally, a communist official come up and told me he had let my family go and would let me go. I asked what I had to do before he would let me go and he told me I had to make a batch of apple dumplings downstairs in the kitchen, or if I wanted to, make a pie. I chose to make apple dumplings but as I started the work I knew something was wrong All the time I was in the kitchen there was a little machine rolling around on the floor on wheels and it consisted of mainly a long tube that made little hissing sounds like it was emitting gas. I asked the communist what it was and he said it was a shit-machine. I started to cook but wasn't doing too well. It took about a half hour for me to measure out a half cup of sugar. Finally, the communist came down and told me I wasn't reading directions properly. I was supposed to start out by putting soap in a soapdish on the stove and melt it. I was getting fed up and so I looked at the shit machine that was rolling around on the floor and told the communist that I would throw a match on it and blow us up if he didn't let me go. He smiled and told me that I was clever—I guess there was some kind of explosive gas coming out of the shit-machine—and asked if I would join them (the commies). I refused.