Note on Memoir

I had to make a hard decision on what to include and what not to include in this “Memoir” (which I put in quotations because it's not really a memoir—even though it is one, of sorts—but an unconventional one). Not surprisingly, I was inconsistent about journal writing back when I was in my teens and early twenties. There are some significant periods of my life where I didn't keep a journal, or lost it, if I did. I have written about some of these good and and bad times in self-published zine fiction, including Universe City, Five Minutes Late, and Winter Carnival. Rather than re-print or re-create these episodes, I'll just leave it that it's out there, maybe, somewhere. Instead, I'm going to now stick to my original idea of using this “Memoir” to find existing journal writing—and type it and post it periodically. There is actually a LOT of journal writing I am still in possession of. I kind of like that, at this point, I am dealing with stuff that is 40 years in the past—but as I continue to post it, I will slowly be catching up in time. The projected end point being 1996—the beginning of my Notebook Journals memoir project.

Randy Russell 10.1.18