2/14/79 – Dreams

We bought a new house and on inspecting it I found, though it looked nice (very ornate and fancy), it was actually made very much out of plastic. The woodwork looked great from a distance, but from close up it was obviously plastic. I pressed on the “wood” and it gave way to the slightest pressure. Cheap hollow plastic. The house, however, was very big and we even had a maid. I was in the maid's room (very big) and I was helping her set the table by helping her carry dishes and silverware to my parents' huge combination kitchen bedroom. I needed one more spoon and couldn't find one that matched, so the maid found an old one for me. She told me to sharpen the edge in the knife sharpener. I did this but the unusual knife sharpener was very efficient and ate away the end of the spoon so it had a flat end. I was amazed by this super knife sharpener so I stuck the spoon back in and it ate away the rest of the spoon.

I was behind Perkins High School, and having to urinate rather badly, I saw a gate around a stairway leading to the basement. I walked down a few stairs just far enough so my head was above ground level, so I could watch for anyone. I prepared to relieve myself when I was suddenly taken by surprise. A Perkins Police car with its lights flashing whipped into the back parking lot and slid around a corner, and before I could react they nabbed me for indecent exposure. They were out to get me.