Saturday, September 17, 1977

As far as food goes, the San-Dar Smorgasbord in Bellville, Ohio is the best restaurant I've eaten at. This is because of the huge variety of food and the excellent preparation. I always start off the meal by getting a plate of only salads. They serve at least twenty different excellent salad dishes. The main course is hard to choose so it is best to take a little of everything. The sirloin tips are succulent and the scallops are the best I've had anywhere. The dessert table is the most spectacular. The Key Lime pie leads the list of countless amounts of pies and cakes of every imaginable variety. The Dutch Apple dessert is famous, and it definitely should not be missed. Though you will always get your money's worth, it is best not to drink too much or eat any bread, and stay for a couple of hours.