Intro to POW Journal

Note: This Journal from 1977/78 is a green, Mead spiral-bound notebook that looks much like the ones you'd buy in the drugstore today. The first page announces: POW JOURNAL, and then a warning: “This is NOT to be read.” Apparently I was worried about writing incriminating stuff. POW stands for “Principles Of Writing,” a half-year class I took, apparently my senior year of high school, and this was a required journal. There are a LOT of entries, and so I'm not sure if I'm going to type and post them all or not. Also, I'm not sure if I'm going to intersperse any other writing from other notebooks that I find during the period of this journal, or if I'll just post these entries first, then on to next notebook, even if it means going out of date order.

Disclaimer: I wrote this stuff 40 years ago, and while I'm probably surprisingly the same person, I'm also a very different person. Some of this material might be considered offensive, and it is not meant to reflect my current self, viewpoints, opinions, values, or beliefs. One hopes that in 40 years I have become a more sensitive and respectful person.