Music is my best friend.

Today I'll write in my journal a bit. All's fair in love and war, and you can't win in either one, either. This makes sense if you think about it. A Bridge Too Far is a good example of not being able to win at war. I need not say more.

Music is my best friend. Time is my worst enemy. You can't win at life. All songs must come to an end—how depressing I am. Christ. I have to keep perspective about life. I'm only here for fun. I think about learning to play an instrument and it makes me feel better. I think about buying my new stereo and it cheers me up.

I learn a lot at work. Britt is hard to understand. I wonder how intelligent he really is. Anyhow, he puts things to words good. One day, people were fighting in their room (a man and a lady). He said that people (husband and wife, or any lovers) like to fight just so they can make up. The making up gets them horny. This seems to be true, if you think about it and watch people.

I have to keep the right frame of mind. Writing in here is just depressing and a fucking waste of time (always worrying about time). Today I will strive to have fun (and from now on).