I'm not gonna write in this son of a bitch every day or I'll get damn sick of it. Yesterday was my day off so I'll write about it. It was OK because Tom and I and Joe Fresch went to the Southwyck Mall. On the way we stopped and bought two gross of bottle rockets. The mall was pretty fun, highlighted by an excellent meal at Friendly's. I had a Watermelon Scooper Cooler, or whatever the hell you call them, and it was great. Last night was fun, too. We did not go over to Hahn's because the police found our bottles in the field and those assholes (Fresch, Simcox, etc.) had their names on them and were nabbed.

So we went to Agsten's house (Strayer, Seiler, Bechtel, and I) and Losey, Parker, and Jones came over, too, later. We drank a little and listened to Agsten's new stereo. It is really nice. It is a Pioneer receiver and turntable and Interface speakers that came with an equalizer. It sounds great. We went to the mall for awhile and ran down exit corridors, ringing bells at the doors. I wore my Moose River hat and a big black guy asked me where I got it. At Agsten's again, we drank some more, and Tom and I had a small bottle rocket fight, that was fun. We went out rowdying, too, and a crazy guy came out of one house and growled and attacked us. I may not write in here for a while, but maybe I will if we see Star Wars tonight.