Well, I guess I won't kill myself after all. We had quite a bit of fun last night. Yesterday after work I bought “The Alan Parsons Project” new album, “I Robot.” And “Star Wars” soundtrack. Both on sale at Musicland. Good deal.

Last night Tom and I still didn't know what to do so we headed for Town and Country to get beer. I pulled into a driveway to find my money and Tom Hahn pulled in behind us with Joe Fresch and Scott Kidd and Gary Simcox. When Hahn heard Connie Korns was coming he immediately suggested we go to his house (parents away for 3 weeks). We all got beer (usual, Stroh's) and Tom and I picked up Kim Kevesdy and then Beth Kromer and Connie Korns along with their Maddog from the bushes. We had a lot of fun at Hahn's house sitting and drinking and talking and laughing. After we were all quite drunk, Beth said something about Connie's sister and Connie got mad at her and started crying and ran to the upstairs bedroom. We were all trying to cheer her up and it was ridiculous. An outside observer watching us would really have a good laugh. We're all crazy. I finally took them all home and then slept at Tom's house. The only really bad thing about the evening is that it went too fast. Not enough time. I hate time.

My L.L. Beans order came yesterday. The French Navy shirt is nice and the Moose River hat is bad as hell. Also, the fool'ems came, cheap things. I think I should play a musical instrument to vent my frustrations and get rid of excess energy and creative genius.