November 29, 1976

[Note: After nearly 30 chapters of Inspector Leedingham being shot, stabbed, bombed, and beaten, as well as fighting back, contributing to Hollywood-scale chaos, death, and destruction (and equally as uninteresting) his final fate is in a bombed elevator with the cable severed, plummeting down a 20 floor shaft. His solution, at the end of the previous chapter, just before reaching the bottom, is to “jump up.”]

What will happen to Inspector Leedingham? Obviously the little trick of jumping up just before the elevator hits the ground is useless to try, although it is amusing to think about. Can any man survive falling in an elevator for 20 floors? The elevator, when it hits, would smash together like an accordion. Even the fall alone would kill an average man. But then, Inspector Leedingham is not average. He has survived many ordeals that most most people could not live through, so he may have lived through this. Nevertheless, this is the last day to write journals so you may never find out if the Inspector is dead or alive.