October 19, 1976

Inspector Finnius Leedingham pondered wearily at the crinkled, off-white note scrawled unintelligibly by someone, most likely, with a clever, analytical mind trying to make it appear he was in possession of the mentality of a sixth-grader. Leedingham sat in almost complete silence and totally motionless while analyzing the letter, and he appeared to be in a trance except for glancing up occasionally at the irritating horsefly that was caught between the inner and outer windows of his dreary, ancient Scotland Yard office which was badly in need of cleaning.

As the poorly hinged door burst open, Inspector Leedingham's head popped up like that of a wild animal ready to kill and gave a look that would make most people break down in tears to his bumbling assistant, Constable Paperhanger. However, the constable was not bothered by Leedingham's anger, perhaps because he was used to it; perhaps because of his extreme ignorance. Although he meant well, Constable Paperhanger tried too hard to help out and never failed to foul up The Inspectors's investigations; sometimes almost jeopardizing his phenomenal arrest record at the Yard. “Figure anything out yet, Inspector, on the ransom note, huh?” Paperhanger asked questions like a child.

“I believe we are dealing with a character far more brilliant and diabolical than you could imagine, old boy,” reeled off Inspector Leedingham, now forgetting his anger and once again concentrating on the puzzle. He was about to add something more descriptive when he was interrupted by a crashing of glass as a large metal object crashed through the window and onto the floor!