Friday, June 9, 1972 – En Route to Orlando

We woke up, got cleaned up, ate breakfast, put the suitcases in the car and started driving. We took a bus tour of the Kennedy Space Center. It was interesting. We saw an Air Force museum. We saw launching pads and a place where rockets were built. We took many pictures. After it was over, I wasted TWO PICTURES! We ate something at a restaurant and started driving again. We finally got to Walt Disney World. We got our bags in our room and looked around. We were in the Polynesian Hotel and it was nice. We went on the Mon-a-rail around the place. Then we went swimming in a real cool pool It had rock on one side with waterfalls. There was a stairway through it and a slide. We ate supper at a good restaurant. We looked around some more and went to bed.