Tuesday, June 6, 1972 – On the Autotrain and in St. Augustine, Florida

We woke up at about 6 A.M. this morning. We all woke up in the night. We ate breakfast at 6:30. We played cards for a while and then Dad and I walked from one end to another through the train. Boy was it long. 8:45 we went through Jacksonville, Fla. We ate lunch and watched cartoons. We got to Sanford at 11:00. We got our car and got it filled up with gas. Then started driving again. We got to St. Augustine and had something to eat. We stopped at a Holiday Inn. Later on we went swimming. After that we went out to eat and looked around town. We also went out to the ocean and waded in it and tasted the water. We went back to the motel and went swimming again. Then we want to bed.