Cudahy's Pancake House – 4753 S. Packard Ave., Cudahy, Wisconsin

Open every day – 7am to 8pm (closes at 3pm on Sunday and Monday)

I almost want to keep this place a secret—not that anyone listens to me—because there are lines around the block now at Milwaukee's most popular weekend brunch spots—the ones with $15 Bloody Marys and avocado toast bowls. Maybe I shouldn't worry—the classic family restaurant décor here is enough to scare away the new generation of—what do you call them?—post-yuppie, post-millennial, post-tech professionals, seamlessly connected to their devices but with no human social skills, traveling in packs with their “team.” I really have no idea why people flock to one place and not another—it's sure not just because of the food. Actually, I'd be happy if business was good here because it's my current favorite breakfast spot and I want it to survive. I've been here a couple of times recently and it's been mellow. Even though it's minutes from downtown Milwaukee by electric scooter, I feel like Cudahy scares away some people—maybe it's the Bermuda Triangle vibe you get from the infamous Dretzka's Department Store (which this is directly across the street from). There's a big family restaurant menu to explore, but I can't get past my favorite, the Hawaii Five-0 omelette (ham, bacon, jack cheese, and pineapple) because it's both funny and delicious. It comes with fine hash-browns and pancakes—and they can be gluten-free pancakes for a dollar extra—and then it only comes to $8.25—after which, if you're not done eating for the day, you're a better man than I. It's probably just as well they don't have rice pudding.

Richard Skiller 8.15.18