Rice Pudding

As a person with celiac disease, and as a person also trying to avoid sugar as much as possible, it probably makes as little sense dedicating myself to the dessert page as it would a beer list. But, still, I love desserts, and even though many are off-limits to me (except in their often sadly inferior gluten-free versions) I am still going to write about them (even if my field work is limited).

I don't remember when I first ate rice pudding—I wish that I did—I don't think it was in childhood. But as a naturally gluten-free dessert, and also one that is sometimes not overly sweet, and also one of the least expensive desserts out there—rice pudding is my favorite. It also exists in wildly different variations—no two are alike, and some are as different from each other as the miserable rich and the happy to be alive.

Check back here with anticipation and impatience for upcoming rice pudding reviews and discussion!