Rice Pudding at Omega

3473 S. 27th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The open 24 hour family restaurant diner, Omega (it used to be Paul's Omega, or maybe it still is, or just Omega, now?) on South 27th Street used to be my favorite restaurant in Milwaukee—though I can't really explain why. Anyway, I don't make it out here much anymore, but I visited on a Saturday morning and asked if they had rice pudding—the waitress checked, and they did—leading me to believe they don't always have it, or it's not always made. I believe it was $2.50—anyway, very reasonable. It's served in a small bowl and has a very milky, almost runny consistency—and very sweet, though short of insanely-sweet. Very good flavor, that of a classic rice pudding. I got it with cinnamon, but no whipped cream—which is always a hard decision: Unadorned? Cinnamon/no whipped cream? Or both? I suppose no cinnamon and (yes) whipped cream could also be an option, but that would be insane.