CITY.NET Jazz Café – 306 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Open 6am to 3:30pm weekdays, and Saturday morning, closed Sunday.

I think the official name of this small, downtown Milwaukee café is “CITY.NET Café”—but sometimes the “Jazz” part is added, and that's what I call it. I don't really like the using the dot anything in a business name—I guess I'm just that old-fashioned—but at least I can remember the name, and I kind of like when a place has two names, unofficial names, and nick-names. You can just as easily call it the “Jazz Café.” It's locally owned by jazz musicians, I guess. They have a website if you want to read more. My favorite thing about going here? You guessed it, I like the music. There are some drums set up in there, too, and I think occasionally live music, though never when I've been walking by. The location is really the heart of downtown Milwaukee, on Wisconsin Ave, just toward the lake from Water Street. It's kind of a crossroads location where you might find yourself a lot—at least I do—perfect location for a coffee shop. I've stopped in a few times and sat and felt comfortable sitting there, writing in my notebook, not rushed, and to some degree inspired. I think one time there was an out-of-town visitor who happened to stop in and just seemed delighted. That always makes you feel good. I'd go as far as to say, right now, this is may favorite café, or at least it's right up there. It's a place I'll go back to. The only drawback is that it's not open in the evenings, and not open on Sunday. I guess they have a few other locations—noted on their website—one in a heath complex, which I hope to avoid, one in a YMCA—and I'm not a member (though I've have been seriously considering joining again). And then one in the courthouse—which I believe is the courthouse by the police station, jail, etc.—where one usually goes when called for jury duty—which I have not been, yet, but it's just a matter of time. It's nice to know there's a Jazz Café over there—I'm sure that's quite welcome come jury duty!

Randy Russell 11.13.18